Guide to Printmaking

The term " print" covers a wide range of engraving andprinting techniques. To help you discover and understand them, we offer you this short technical guide and additional resources. From etching to lithography, xylography to serigraphy, discover the different techniques used by the artists we present. Would you like to purchase a print, illustrated book or art poster? Here you'll find all the documentation you need to make your choice, and why not, start a collection!

Guide to techniques

Lithography, engraving, the different processes and techniques of printmaking used by modern artists such as Pablo Picasso or Marc Chagall!

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A glossary of printmaking terms to facilitate understanding of the vocabulary and interactions between the different techniques.

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What is a print?

The term print is the generic word to designate the works realized thanks to the various techniques of printing on paper.

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The print: an original work?

Because of its accessibility, the print is a very coveted work of art for art lovers and collectors. Sometimes considered as a reproduction of an original work, it is far from being a copy.

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Poster of Picasso with a simplified and colored face resembling a sun

What is an original art poster?

From a few hundred to a few thousand euros, original posters continue to increase in value, attracting the eye of collectors. A few years ago, posters were not considered authentic works of art or collectors' items as they are today.

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