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Associated with Galerie de l'Institut, formerly Bouquinerie de l'Institut, and Galerie Arenthon, we specialize in prints, art posters and illustrated books, and offer original works by major modern artists at affordable prices. We draw on the expertise of Marc Lebouc, expert before the Paris Court of Appeal and Tribunal de Grande Instance, andYves Lebouc, expert with the Compagnie Nationale des Experts, to offer you quality original works of excellent provenance.

Arenthon Gallery Paris

Our history

A true institution for the arts and letters

3, quai Malaquais has always been marked by the presence of the arts and letters. In fact, since the late 18th century, the premises have been home to several bookshops. And it was here, in 1932, that Jean Renoir set the bookshop for his film Boudu sauvé des eaux, starring Michel Simon. In 1969, Éditions A.C Mazo, where Yves Lebouc works, bought the Bouquinerie de l'Institut and moved into its premises at 3, quai Malaquais.

A close link with the Gallery of the Institute

In 1983, the Bouquinerie de l'Institut moved to 12, rue de Seine and sold 3, quai Malaquais to Lucien Desalmand. He named it Galerie Arenthon and continued to operate as a gallery of prints and illustrated books. In 1989, Yves Lebouc became owner of the Bouquinerie de l'Institut and, with his children Marc and Anne-Gaëlle, created the Quedillart SA family group, which in 2007 reintegrated the Galerie Arenthon alongside the Bouquinerie de l'Institut and the Galerie de la Bouquinerie. In 2021, the Bouquinerie de l'Institut will become the Galerie de l'Institut.

Boudu sauvé des eaux, Jean Renoir, 1932 © Productions Michel Simon.

Our Team

Marc Lebouc

Marc Lebouc


President of the family group Quedillart SA, of which the Arenthon Gallery is a part, Marc is the son of the co-founder of the Galerie de l'Institut. He is an expert in 20th century prints for the Court of Appeal and the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris. He has the confidence of the Chagall and Picasso families to appraise the prints of these artists.

Santiago Swan

Santiago Swan

Gallery Assistant

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Communication, Santiago joined the Arenthon Gallery after a first experience in a contemporary art gallery.

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