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Pablo PicassoIn Verve 29/30, 1954, lithograph on Arches paper © Succession Picasso

Buying art from a photograph online: is it possible? There are still many people, especially art lovers, who feel a certain trepidation when it comes to acquiring art on the Internet. One might think that a work of art should be contemplated and examined closely. However, buying art online is becoming increasingly common. Here's everything you need to know about lithograph purchase on the Internet.

Art on the Internet: a democratizing practice

Buying a work of art on the Internet may seem risky. However, buying art online is now a common practice with many enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for an original printengraving, illustrated book, lithograph or original edition, theacquiring a work on the Internet is an interesting solution with many advantages. To find what you're looking for, you can filter your search by artist, style, period and price range.

For those wishing to start a print collection, buying lithographs on the Internet is also a way of opening up to new works of art that they might not otherwise have been able to discover. Auctions and specialized galleries also have their own online sales systems. However, uncertainty and doubt about this practice are legitimate. Buying art on the Internet is a tricky business, even for seasoned collectors, who can encounter all kinds of pitfalls.

How do I buy lithographs online?

Faced with the risk of forged signatures, notably on a lithograph by Picassoand Chagallby Giacometti or other renowned artists, be careful. Here are a few precautions to bear in mind when buy an original work of art onlinewith complete peace of mind.

Determine the reliability of the sales platform

Before buying lithographs on the Internet, it's important to check the reliability of the platform you intend to use. Scour the sales site for signs of trust, such as the longevity of the business such as the longevity of the business, the importance of references, but also whether the seller has a physical sales outlet. Addressing a gallery of experts is always a guarantee of reliability.

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Compare the selling price of lithography

Regarding the price of the artwork set by the online sales site, research its reputation or potential in order to appreciate its fair value. It's not uncommon to find surprisingly high prices with the claim that the lithograph is original. Before buying a lithograph, you should also check the print'sauthenticity of the print. The description of the work of art must be clear, precise and accompanied by a good definition photograph, dimensions and, if applicable, a catalog raisonné reference.

Analyze the work through photography

To buy a piece of art on the Internet without making a mistake in your judgment, you need to know how to interpret and decipher the photograph. There are a few basic rules for understanding lithographic photography.

Photography freezes the work in a luminous instant. However, it can be interesting to get a feel for a work's degree of luminosity and to appreciate the colors, particularly the intensities or shades of black and gray. It's an exercise that takes a little practice to get the eye for the true colors of the lithograph. Don't hesitate to look at the photograph enlarged to distinguish the lines of a paper and see surface modifications.

Find out more about the art market

Buying art on the Internet is just as accessible to the novice collector as it is to the experienced amateur. You don't necessarily need to be an expert in the field. But to guide you in your next acquisitions, it may be worthwhile to keep abreast of the latest news on the art marketand art investment, or browse specialized websites. Consulting various media on the subject can help you familiarize yourself, identify trends and get an idea of what you like.

Where can I find an original lithograph on the Internet?

While it may be tempting to buy a lithograph on generalist auction sites, given the profusion of works of art for sale at all price ranges, we recommend the utmost vigilance and caution when making your purchase.

Aside from some trusted professional sellers who operate on these networks, it is also a place of potential abuse. Some unscrupulous sellers sell reproductions of lithographs or engravings with forged signatures. 

To acquire an original print online, there are a number of websites specializing in the sale of works of art. offering the same guarantees as art galleries, namely quality and authenticity. But the safest way to acquire a lithograph online is through specialized galleries. If you're still in any doubt as to whether a lithograph is an original work of art, it's best to rely on the eye, expertise and advice of a gallery owner.

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