Piza, Arthur-Luiz

Arthur Luiz Piza, born January 13, 1928 in Sao Paulo (Brazil), began his apprenticeship in art and painting at an early age under the guidance of Antonio Gomide.
He died in Paris on May 26, 2017. Discover his works on our online art gallery.

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Arthur Luiz Piza moved to Paris in 1951. In post-war Montparnasse, he frequented Friedlaender's engraving studio, where he perfected the techniques of copperplate engraving, etching and intaglio. As soon as he arrived in France, the artist took part in numerous group exhibitions both in his host country and abroad (Sao Paulo Biennial, Ljubljana Biennial, Grenchen, Kassel, Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, etc.), winning several first prizes. He also exhibited his work in solo shows in Brazil and France, notably at Galerie La Hune (Paris), which showed his work a dozen times between 1953 and 1991. From 1958 onwards, Piza devoted himself mainly to burin engraving. From then on, he created reliefs and collages, as well as sculpted objects, porcelain and jewelry. In the 60s, Arthur Luiz Piza distinguished himself as one of the most convincing exponents of etching. His unique style is characterized by notched, ploughed and carved slabs with gouge and hammer, forming successive strokes that interlock and overlap like scales. Hollows become volumes. The artist plays with the perception of matter, transforming it into an imaginary, poetic substance. The colors he uses are often muted ochres.