The Arenthon Gallery presents a set of lithographs by Alberto Giacometti, trial proofs for the continuation of the book Paris sans fin.

The book, consisting of 150 lithographs and a short text, follows Giacometti's peregrinations through the capital, from the emblematic Parisian landscapes to the recesses of the studio. The artist was accustomed to drawing his daily life, as evidenced by these sketches made directly with lithographic pencil on transfer paper. We can see the cafes frequented by the artist, his studio, his wife Annette or his brother Diego. Begun in 1959, Giacometti worked on this work until his death in 1966, and it was published by Tériade in 1969.

Paris sans fin is imbued with the Paris of the '60s, whose characteristic details abound from one lithograph to the next: storefronts and signs, café terraces and ashtrays placed on tables immerse the viewer in a setting that is both familiar, in terms of the timelessness of Paris, and old-fashioned, in terms of the atmosphere of the era. By deciphering the jumbled lines of the 150 lithographs, visitors reconstruct memories of a bygone Paris, immortalized by the Nouvelle Vague and French cinema. In fact, Giacometti borrowed from the seventh art and from photography his angles of view and his narrative in a stream of images, to compose his last work.

From January 20 to February 28, 2022

Succession Alberto Giacometti / ADAGP Paris 2022

Discover the lithographs of the suite for the book Paris sans fin