After studying cinema at the Sorbonne and three years of training in a still-life photography studio, Benjamin Travade began working as a freelance photographer. He quickly realized his first commissioned works and developed in parallel a personal work whose central theme is the contact with nature and the meditative relationship he maintains with it.

His photographs, with a sensitive and personal writing, are like an invitation to travel and contemplation. Fragile and suspended instants in which time seems to have stopped, they act in the manner of the memory that gives a certain permanence to what is passing. Her silver prints are made in the traditional way, using an enlarger, then manually fired with black tea, the warm tones of the baryta paper and the depth of the blacks and whites giving the images a sensual and outdated character.

This exhibition is an opportunity to initiate a dialogue between photography and the collections of the Arenthon Art Gallery in Paris. For a month, the pages of books written and illustrated by major 20th-century artists (Pablo Picasso, István Hajdu, Joan Miró, Eugene Guillevic, etc.) are taken out of context and displayed on the walls. Through the interplay of hanging and associations, they resonate with Benjamin Travade's photographs, some revealing themselves in the light of others, each becoming a fragment of the stories that the gallery invites viewers to come and write within its walls today.

January 7 to February 13, 2021
3 Quai Malaquais
75006 Paris

Opening day Saturday, January 16, 2021
11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Our books in the spotlight

From Redon's strange symbolism to Picasso's clean lines and Miró's colorful joy, our illustrated books come to life alongside Benjamin Travade's photographs. Here are the books at the heart of our exhibition, meeting points between the great works of French literature such as the Fleurs du Mal and the illustrations of famous modern artists. 

Discover the photographs presented by Benjamin Travade at the Arenthon Gallery

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