Coming soon - November 3 to December 2, 2023

Opening on Thursday, November 2


As it does every year, Galerie Arenthon has invited a photographer to explore its collection of modern engravings and lithographs, creating a dialogue between prints by the great artists of the early 20th century and the works of a contemporary photographer.

This year, Denis Darzacq will be taking part in the conversation. The works of artists such as Picabia, Léger and Le Corbusier had a profound influence on his training, and still do today. This influence became formally apparent to Darzacq as he browsed the works at the Arenthon art gallery in Paris. Surprisingly, the shapes and colors of his new series of photographic assemblages respond naturally to Fernand Léger's works of the 29-30s, reproduced in the iconic magazine Derrière le miroir.

In the Doublemix series, created with Anne-Iris Lüneman, Darzacq blends photography and ceramics : the result is unique works where two plastic universes intersect. With the addition of printmaking, an interplay of correspondences takes shape, and by some mysterious mechanism, Picabia 's workings resonate with Darzacq's reds.

A former press photographer and member of the VU agency, Denis Darzacq began focusing his work in 1995 on plastic photography and the interactions of individuals from minority backgrounds with society.

His photographs are built on paradoxical realities that he strives to bring into dialogue. Among his best-known series, La Chute (2006) and Hyper (2010) levitate bodies in the city or in supermarkets; Act 1 and Act 2 (2010-2015) free bodies and minds from disability.

At the same time, he works with staged objects and mysterious photographic assemblages. These photographs, freed from the duty to inform, concrete and abstract at once, question the materiality and meaning of images.


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