In this season of picnics and barbecues, we invite you to Bernard's Cold Buffet to discover his latest still lifes. Baskets of fruit, stewed fruit, coffee pots, card games, Gitanes and bottles of Suze sit nonchalantly on a table corner that always seems to be the same.

A workaholic living in his studio, Bernard Buffet repeated the motif over and over again. He was also criticized for this. What pears you'll be able to admire on these table corners! But rather than mere repetition, isn't it a way of relentlessly confronting the subject, getting a better grasp of it, and finally extracting its essence?

It's surely this black, acerbic, angular line that sometimes generates rage, sometimes praise. Brightened up by brightly colored backgrounds, this line makes Buffet's style instantly recognizable. Adored or hated, long despised, Bernard Buffet leaves no one indifferent, and few artists arouse such passions.

"Don't be fooled. A Buffet still life is only dead in one eye and ready to bite." Jean Cocteau

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